WINTER SCHEDULE: Jan. 8  - March 23
STUDIO CLOSED: Spring Break, March 24 - April 2
SPRING SCHEDULE:  April 3 - June 30

Perth location to 39D  Gore Street E.
Entrance off the Courtyard between Fall River Fashion and Classy Cuts on Gore Street


20 CLASS CARD -$200

           (Offer valid March 21 - April 2)
                            $30 saving
           buy online beginning March 21

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Self Care Sundays

with Monica, Ashley, Christine,Amber

2:00 - 3:30 pm
$17 (or use card)
The Yoga Connection
39D Gore St. E. Perth

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Please sign up on-line, at the studio or phone
613 267-7148

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 Every Sunday with alternating Instructors. Please give yourself plenty of time so you can settle in before the class begins. 

Slow Flow and Restorative with Monica:  March 18, April 8, June 3
Yin Yoga with Ashley:  April 22, June 10
Feldenkrais with Christine Graves: May 27
Restorative Self Care with Amber:  May 6, June 24

Yin/Yang  with Lee-Ann Dyke

lee Ann more yin yang.JPG

April 6, April 20
5:30 - 7:00 pm
$17 or use class card

Yin/Yang combines two styles of yoga into one, allowing for a fully balanced practice. The active Yang postures will take advantage of the energetic charge you’ve developed throughout the week. We will move dynamically to increase stamina, improve blood flow and remove tension. The more passive Yin sequence will work on the deep connective tissues, promoting flexibility and mobility in your joints. We will hold poses for longer periods, slowing down to bring, calm and balance to the mind and restore harmony in your body. Ending in a place of peaceful surrender.

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Easy Yoga Techniques and Meditative Practices to Improve Brain Longevity with Parmatma Leviton

3 week Series
Wednesday, March 7 - 21
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Series $75.00 (includes HST)
Single Class $35.00 (includes HST)

Learn simple do-able techniques which break up old habitual patterns in the old brain in order to create better habits with a rejuvenated consciousness. We are creatures of habit because the older more unconscious part of the brain has no learning function. That is why it is called the “reptilian brain”, it is unable to learn new tricks. But there are many singing and meditative practices which being the old brain and the newer frontal lobe into communication with each other and which also help the body to process and integrate emotions and stress. Visualizations, memorization techniques and some whole-body brain gymnastics work to help us discover the connections in our body-brain and rediscover our brain’s plasticity

Sunrise Sadhana with Parmatma

Friday, March 23
5:00 - 7:30 am
By Donation (suggested donation $5.00)


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Experience the awakening of the body as the sun rises. In India this is considered the Ambrosial hour, the time to inhale the ionized morning prana, clear the subconscious of negative thought, set ourselves up for the day to rid all anxiety patterns, and get onto the wavelength of beauty, love and devotion to self and its connection with the universe.
Twenty minutes Gurmukhi-Sanskrit recitation infuses the space with sacred energy, followed by 45 minutes yoga , deep relaxation with the gong and then one hour of chanting and singing. These mantras move the energy through the chakras, expand consciousness, connect deeply into the psyche and connect with the totality of existence, the oneness.
5:00: Recitation, 5:30-6:15 Kundalini yoga, 6:15 – 7:15 Mantric Yoga. Come for all or part of it. Bring breakfast snack to share afterwards. Yogi Tea will be served, bring a cup. Doors open at quarter to five.
The Yoga Connection, 39 Gore st. E. (come through the arches between Fall Fashions and Classy cuts )
Phone Parmatma for further details or questions 613-326-0989
Suggested donation to Yoga Connection studio is $5.00

Posture and Walking Series with Karen Smereka

6 week series
Tuesday, April 3 - May 5
3:00 - 4:30 pm
$115 (includes HST)

Walking well can be linked to 'good' posture.  Good posture isn't about thrusting your shoulders forward and head back.  It comes mostly from within and  ispartly about the ability of your body to transfer load through well stacked bones. 'Good' posture is comfortable and dignified without being stiff or overly defined.
In this 6 week series you will explore simple, gentle yoga asanas and movements that will develop your posture and throughout we will discuss the components of an effective walk.   We will only walk inside the studio so that we can take it slowly and help each other out.   Each class will include a handout and voice recordings which will  be emailed so that you can practice at home. A variety exercises will be provided so that you can individualize your own journey.Park your car several blocks from the studio so that you can be aware of how you walk to and from class. Perhaps get a glimpse of yourself in a store window to see what your upright stance is.  A minimum of six students need to register for this series to proceed.  If paying online is not an option please call 613 267 7148 to pre-register. 

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Dream-work for Everybody with Andy Fisher

8 week series
Wednesday April 11 to May 30
7:00 - 9:00 pm
McMartin House
$250 (HST included)
Before registering, please contact Andy Fisher 613 268-2531

Everybody has dreams at night. But few of us pay much attention to them or know what to make of them, especially when they are unsettling. This 8-week course, then, is for those who want to learn the poetic language of dreams and experience the power of dream-work to transform our lives from the depths. Most of the course will be spent working “live” with the participants’ dreams. So, come prepared to share what you dreamt last night and discover the new places that dream-work might take you.


Sound Healing Meditation
with Rebecca White Raven

Sunday, April 15
2:00 - 3:30 pm
$35 (includes HST)
Pre-registration Required

Come bathe in the sweet sounds of crystal singing bowls and many other lovely sound healing instruments. Rebecca will gently guide you into a relaxed and grounded state and then produce sweet sounds and song to carry you into a deep meditative experience.

breath body mind 2.PNG

Breath ~ Body ~ Mind with Nancy Williams

4 week series
Wednesday April 25 - May 16
7:15 - 8:25 pm
$95 (includes HST)
Pre- Registration Required

This 4 week mindfulness-based breath series is based on a training with Richard Brown MD, and Patricia Gerbarg MD, authors of the award winning book The Healing Power of the Breath. The practices shared, can improve mental focus and physical energy, promote calmness & confidence, and can help individuals manage job-related stress, and cope with personal challenges such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Each class will include a warm-up of movements co-ordinated with the breath, breath practices, breath meditation, and a guided relaxation.
This series will prepare you to take the techniques learned into your daily life. Manual and CD's included. to 8 participants

Feldenkrais: Finding  Natural Breath
with Christine Graves

Sunday, May 27
2:00 - 4:00 pm
$30 (includes HST)
pre-registration is required

To improve breathing is to make a healthier body; ensuring O2 exchange for vibrant cells in all soft tissues from your neurons to fascia can help cellular function. Move your skeleton by filling your lungs. Learn about the action of your diaphragm. Participants should note extended hours: 2-4 p.m. for this Self Care Sunday May 27 Cost $30. 

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